Advanced Training: Updates and Revisions

Overview of the latest materials, concepts, skills and research with emphasis on the Advanced Training curriculum.




Course Overview

This course provides the Graston Technique (GT) trained/certified clinician with an overview of the latest materials, concepts, skills, and research that we currently include in our Essential (M1) and Advanced (M2) courses but with an emphasis on the complete Advanced Training curriculum. The Advanced Training curriculum includes a system of functional testing that is utilized to identify 3-dimensional clinical “neuromyofascial’ applications using a unique approach that is based on current evidence that was developed by Graston Technique, LLC.

GT Advanced Training treatment techniques are applied along the kinetic chains of the trunk and extremities for the modulation of pain and to eliminate movement dysfunction. The purpose of this course is to bring our GT community of clinicians that have completed their Advanced Training coursework more than 2 years ago up to date with our current curriculum.

GT Instructors will also be required to complete this course annually to assure that they are teaching the most updated curricular materials. A review of GT course concepts including selected case study presentations is included. Practice integration guidelines, and updated billing and documentation guidelines are also included. Upon completion of this course, participants will be required to successfully complete a brief learning assessment.

Mike Ploski

Your Instructor

Mike maintains a clinical practice at a rehabilitation company with four sites in the Indianapolis area and is a guest instructor in orthopedic manual therapy at the University of Indianapolis. He was a clinic director in Indianapolis for 12 years for a national rehabilitation company. Prior to that, he was a Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer for the PGA Tour and the CART racing league.

Mike has been a GT-trained clinician since 1996 and a GT instructor since 1998. He joined Graston Technique, LLC in 2013 and now serves as Clinical Advisor. He works in close collaboration with the faculty members who teach Graston Technique in the curriculum of advanced degree programs in physical therapy and athletic training and represents GT at national conferences.

Mike received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wabash College in 1984 and a Master of Education degree with a major in exercise physiology from Temple University in 1986. He earned a Master of Science degree from the Krannert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis in 1988. He has been a certified Athletic Trainer since 1985 and board certified in orthopedics since 1998.